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MONZA, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 07:  Felipe Massa of Brazil and Williams drives during the F1 Grand Prix of Italy at Autodromo di Monza on September 7, 2014 in Monza, Italy.  (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

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First Place: AUSTRALIA

Sawhorse Power



Jesse W Darrow

Car 1
Valtteri Bottas
McLaren Renault
Car 2
Lando Norris
Racing Point
Haas Ferrari
Valtteri Bottas scored :- 25 for completing 58 of 58 laps 25 for finishing in position 1 10 for the fastest lap Haas scored :- from chassis number 20 25 for completing 58 of 58 laps 8 for finishing in position 6 McLaren Renault scored :- from chassis number 4 24 for completing 57 of 58 laps Lando Norris scored :- 24 for completing 57 of 58 laps Racing Point scored :- from chassis number 18 24 for completing 57 of 58 laps 2 for finishing in position 9 Haas Ferrari scored :- from chassis number 20 25 for completing 58 of 58 laps 8 for finishing in position 6 Total Points: 200


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Sawhorse Power - Jesse W Darrow
Winner of U.S.$100
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Often Wrong, But Never In Doubt

by Gian-Piero Maccagno

Pretty is as Pretty Does

At the Drivers Press Conference Thursday in preparation for this seasons Australian Grand Prix the five driver representatives were asked their opinion of awarding points for the Fastest Lap.
Daniel RICCIARDO suggested that he didn't think it would make a difference in the overall rankings at seasons end. Or at least he hoped it wouldn't.
Going into a season with many unknowns the two apparent main protagonists for the 21 points on offer Lewis HAMILTON and Sebastian VETTEL were both totally uncommitted. Time will tell, etc, etc.
Max VERSTAPPEN wouldn't give the scribes any information on anything. Testing? I can't tell you that. Life over the winter break. That's private and none of your business. The question of fastest lap. The team has looked at that.
This being his home race the new Renault driver spoke warmly about Robert KUBICA and his return to F1 prompting a round of applause from the gathered.
Of course the event had started off with memorials for Charlie WHITING. Ferrari's Number One said the drivers, as a fraternity, felt Charlie was on their side. He was a spokesmen for them with the powers that be.
Decked out in Rockit Williams Racing gear (more about that later) the gaunt looking Pole responded to the fastest lap question with "It doesn't really affect us does it?" drawing a loud guffaw from all.
I had always operated under the obviously false assumption that the 1999 FW21 was the ugliest car ever produced by the fertile minds at Grove. Not only at Williams but maybe of all time. All marques.
That is indeed a bold statement.
Using the same basic colour scheme - two shades of orange - compare the 1993 BMS Scuderia Italia to the 1994 FW21.
The brainchild of Italian steel magnet Giuseppe LUCCHINI a Lola chassis was paired with a customer Ferrari engine. The car is most recognizable by their title sponsor Chesterfield cigarettes. The sponsors colours were worked nicely into the cars overall look. Flames adorned the top of the side pods. More of the same on the nose. Add V-12 screech.
And the Williams presentation. Also several shades of orange. But strangely muted. Veltins in big black letters in a stylish white background atop the airbox. Windfield brand smokes emblazoned on the flanks and across the rear wing . One can't forget the little kangaroos in background yellow diamonds.
For some inexplicable reason for a couple of races they penciled in the driver's lower torso, legs and feet along the side of the car where they theoretically would be. But as a cartoon.
Oooh yeah. That one.
The Rockit Williams. Not the ugliest ever. So there is that.
Back-to-back drivers and constructors championships needs no further comment. By the numbers. LEWIS HAMILTON won it all with 10 wins, 11 poles, 8 fastest laps for 381 points. NICO ROSBERG had a good season with 6 wins, 7 poles, 5 fastest laps for 322 points but lots of them were gathered when the season was off boil, the championship already won. Going into the third season with the same rules normally sees the field bunch up as the learning curve flattens. That doesn't’t seem to be the case with Mercedes in 2016. They were not the fastest in testing. Certainly near the top of the field. But the number of laps they put in! Triple race distance; no problem. Both cars ran like metronomes, clicking in the laps. Toto Wolff was telling the world ‘Ya, we have the speed. But we work on the reliability’. Unless his hip-hop career interferes Lewis looks to repeat. Sadly, Nico just doesn’t seem to be able to take that last step. If he does and a real fight at the front develops, head games and all, we could be in for a barn-burner of a s

RNR 2019 Results (AUSTRALIA)

  • 1. Sawhorsepower
  • 2. Super Santander 1
  • 2. blue light racing
  • 2. pennsyltuckie speeders
  • 5. Dirty Drifter
  • 5. Schucheater
  • 5. Trout Run Ridge Runners
  • 8. Scon Did Racing
  • 9. Scuderia Alfieri
  • 10. Sports Kast

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