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MONZA, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 07:  Felipe Massa of Brazil and Williams drives during the F1 Grand Prix of Italy at Autodromo di Monza on September 7, 2014 in Monza, Italy.  (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

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Sunday, March 3, 2019 - RnR Preview
Sunday, March 9, 2019 - RnR Entry Opens
Saturday, March 16, 2019 - RnR Entry Closes
Sunday, March 17, 2019 - Australian Grand Prix

Often Wrong, But Never In Doubt

by Gian-Piero Maccagno

Several Things

The battle within Ferrari should be fun. Sophomore Charles LECLERC promoted to push their in house ex-world champion. Or step aside as they say. Who's sorry now.
Lance STROLL is under immense pressure. At Williams the car held back his potential (see: Honda holding back McLaren).
How many races into the season will it be before we hear "Move over Sergio. Lance is faster than you". More importantly the response.
Take out the top 3. The 'Class B Championship'. The mid-field is where the action is. Haas vs Racing Point vs Toro Rosso vs a revived McLaren vs Sauber. Slurp.
Going into his fifth year in Formula 1 can Max VERSTAPPEN drive within himself and truly challenge at the front. Dad says 90% is good enough.
We have a big rookie entry. It's Lando NORRIS at Mclaren, Antonio GIOVINAZZI at Sauber, Alexander ALBON at Toro Rosso and George RUSSEL at Williams.
Two returning drivers to the top class. Daniil KVYAT and Robert KUBICA.
Only two teams (Mercedes and Haas) return with the same driver's line-up. There will be lots to prove between the garages.
Especially at Renault. Ever-smiling loud mouth Daniel RICCIARDO vs. Nico HULKENBERG. So far both can be classified as classic under-performers.
Who will weigh more at the start of the season. The 2019 MCL34 or Zak BROWN? Counting on a year end competition is problematic since one of the participants surely will be gone.
I just have a bad feeling about Rich Energy living up to their financial commitments to Haas.
The flags of 15 countries will fly over the F1 paddock.
Does the Red Bull talent pool dry-up presage a withdrawal from F1. The best they got after the Dutchman is Pierre GASLY, Daniil KVYAT and the afore mentioned British / Thai driver.
How soon will it be before fan favorite Kimi RAIKKONEN will be asked to give a Breathalyzer on the grid?
Back-to-back drivers and constructors championships needs no further comment. By the numbers. LEWIS HAMILTON won it all with 10 wins, 11 poles, 8 fastest laps for 381 points. NICO ROSBERG had a good season with 6 wins, 7 poles, 5 fastest laps for 322 points but lots of them were gathered when the season was off boil, the championship already won. Going into the third season with the same rules normally sees the field bunch up as the learning curve flattens. That doesn't’t seem to be the case with Mercedes in 2016. They were not the fastest in testing. Certainly near the top of the field. But the number of laps they put in! Triple race distance; no problem. Both cars ran like metronomes, clicking in the laps. Toto Wolff was telling the world ‘Ya, we have the speed. But we work on the reliability’. Unless his hip-hop career interferes Lewis looks to repeat. Sadly, Nico just doesn’t seem to be able to take that last step. If he does and a real fight at the front develops, head games and all, we could be in for a barn-burner of a s

RNR 2018 Results (FINAL)

  • 1. Cannon Fodder
  • 2. SawhorsePower *
  • 3. Scon Did Racing
  • 4. blue light racing
  • 5. Das Boot
  • 6. 94 Doesn't Count *
  • 7. Parrothead 2018
  • 8. Forza Maccagno
  • 9. ELF Racing
  • 10. Phatchance
  • * Won on 1st Tie-Breaker

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